Pika watch is here! Sign up to volunteer now.

photo credit: Erik Beever/U.S. Geological Survey

PIKA!  They are small, fuzzy, and warm blooded–but don’t let their size fool you–they are part of a much bigger story.  Pika have survived in the Gorge since the last ice age, yet their populations throughout the west are declining in the face of global climate change.

With the support of the Oregon Zoo Foundation’s Future for Wildlife Program, the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is partnering up with the Oregon Zoo and others to monitor the unique low-elevation populations of Pika in the Gorge, and you can help, too! Whether you want to gather local community members and head out in groups, or you just want to go out yourself and monitor, we encourage you to check out the free training below:


You will learn how to identify the call of the Pika and how to read and record signs of their presence in some of the most beautiful places in the Gorge. The training also includes an optional field component to known Pika habitats! Over time, the data that is collected through Pika Watch will help to inform public understanding of the species and its importance as a unique animal in the Gorge.

Check out this article about our Pika monitoring program:


You can also visit the Cascades Pika Watch Facebook page:


Finally, you can also become a volunteer directly through the Oregon Zoo. CLICK HERE to sign up today!


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  1. Jay Schauer says:

    I will be calling to find out more about Pika Watch as I’m interested in pursuing this with my whole family.

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