Gorge Ecology Outdoors SECRETS program has served regional schools since 1996.  From a handful of classes when it began, the SECRETS program now reaches almost every 5th grade classroom in a 2,000 square mile service area and is known as the leading educational resource throughout the region.

In addition, our Gorge Explorers program provides internships in conservation stewardship and community service for high school students.  We continue to explore new opportunities to expand the number of and enhance the quality of place-based, hands-on science education in the Gorge.

Over the years, Gorge Ecology Outdoors has engaged over 15,000 youth through in-school and out-of-school experiences of their local places.

These programs provide an in-depth perspective on local landscapes while teaching scientific principles of ecology and supporting critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making, and local stewardship.

It is one of the organization’s goals to ensure at least four in-depth contacts with regional youth along their K-12 educational journey.