SECRETS Volunteers

We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to help with the SECRETS program! One of the goals of the SECRETS program is to engage children in hands-on learning in a small group setting.  This would not be possible without our amazing parent and community volunteers.

The SECRETS program is a nine week long curriculum which includes seven 75-minute classroom lessons, a Community Day, and day-long field trip. Classroom volunteers make a commitment to help with one class for duration of the program. Volunteers will be in charge of leading a small group of 4-8 students through fun activities during the in-class lessons.  Don’t panic: we provide training and cheat sheets to help you out!

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to a full SECRETS program but have a full day available volunteer with our field trips! Field trip volunteers accompany us out into the field and lead fun activities for a day!


Please contact the SECRETS coordinator at info(at)gorgeecology(dot)com for more information.


A volunteer guides SECRETS students to notice the wonders of the forest

Volunteer forms

Classroom guide

Field trip guide







If you volunteered with us, please fill out this survey after SECRETS commences to help us improve our program experience for students and volunteers.  Thank you!