Fall Is in the Air

Dear Friends

With the month of September comes that feeling of nostalgia.  The seasonal changes we see are as much in our lives as they are out on the land.  Along with the newness of the school year is the return of the salmon.  Not long after the harvesting of pears and apples we see the changing colors of the leaves and the brilliant appearance of the Larches in the forest. This is one of the greatest times to get out into the surrounding natural areas of the Gorge.

With all of this beauty and all of the outdoor recreation opportunities in this wonderful place we live you might think that everyone out there is enjoying the change of the seasons.  However, we know from 18 years of teaching in the Gorge that we’re going to be getting kids outside this fall that have never been in the forest before.  While they’re out there, we’re also teaching essential science concepts and providing healthy activity for these kids.  All of this makes for invaluable experiences of the Columbia River Gorge.

Here at the Ecology Institute we have all kinds of exciting programs rolling out this fall.  We are going to be working with thousands of youth and community members throughout the school year, and, we need your help!  Whether you volunteer with us or make a donation–you can contribute to getting kids out in nature today.

We hope you will join us.

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