Join us for a Field Excursion!

We have a new list of program offerings that we are excited to begin sharing. On Monday Feb. 4th, 2013 from 9am – 4pm we will be hosting two separate Field Excursions. The Power of Water and Fairy Habitat Restoration will provide participants with a fun-filled outdoor educational experience.

In the Power of Water participants will discover how to measure the flow of water. Determine ways that water is used. Discuss ways to educate others about water conservation. Using scientific methods, engaging conversation, and local waterways as our tools this hands on program is designed to leave participants with a new appreciation and understanding of our most valuable resource. The Power of Water is a three hour program that meets Oregon Standards 6.2E.1, 6.3, 6.4D.1, 7.2E.3, 7.4D.1, 8.3S.2, and H.2E.4.

In Fairy Habitat Restoration creativity and imagination will shine as students construct lost fairy homes. Understanding of habitats and ecosystems will be gained. Immerse yourself in an imaginary world where all the fairy’s habitats have been destroyed. Essential habitat needs will be defined as well as the need for adaptations in this wildly entertaining and exciting program. This three hour program meets Oregon Standards 1.2L.1, 2.4D.2, 3.4D.2, 4.2L.1, and 5.2L.1.

For more information or to register please contact drew(at)gorgeecology(dot)org. Participants can enroll in one excursion for $30 or join us for the entire day for $60. Transportation to and from the Indian Creek Trail at the CGCC Indian Creek Campus is required.


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