Field Excursions

We are excited to offer customized field trips available year round! Take your students outside to explore the Gorge while learning key scientific concepts, fostering a sense of wonder and connection to place that lasts far beyond the trip itself.

We will work with you to develop a field trip that promotes your teaching goals while taking into account your unique requirements in terms of time frame, location, and class size. We can offer pre-trip classroom lessons and activities to prepare your class for an educational excursion in the great outdoors. Field Excursions can be designed to help your students meet Next Generation Science Standards.

Field trip examples include:

  • a focus on certain species or group of organisms (such as pika, amphibians, trees, etc.)

  • exploration of water resources and stewardship

  • succession and regrowth after fire events

  • investigation of invertebrates and their functions in an ecosystem

  • study of local agricultural ecosystems

  • restoration projects

  • citizen science projects, including amphibian surveys, for students to contribute to cutting-edge scientific research

Contact us at info(at)gorgeecology(dot)org to discuss possible outing ideas and pricing!