Spring Internship Opportunity

The Columbia River Gorge is a spectacular river canyon cutting 80 miles long and up to 4,000 feet deep with the north canyon walls in Washington and the south canyon walls in Oregon. The Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is a 510 (c)(3) education organization. The mission of the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is to create life-long learning opportunities that foster a sense of wonder and community stewardship in the natural systems of the Columbia River Gorge. A sense of place provides people with opportunities to learn about and connect with their community and their natural surroundings. Place-based education is relevant to people’s everyday lives, which encourages them to take pride in the place where they live, to connect with the world in a natural way, and to develop into informed and contributing citizens. Our array of environmental science and educational programs promote understanding and appreciation of the ecological underpinnings of the local forest and shrub-steppe communities and how these ecosystems operate in connection to the human world.

We are currently seeking a Conservation Educator Intern to work with our team of Conservation Educators between April 1st and June 14th. The intern will gain valuable experience teaching in both indoor and outdoor classrooms as well as have the opportunity to network with several partner agencies and organizations.


Conservation Educator Intern position description

As a conservation educator intern your primary role will be delivering place-based education programs, in classrooms as well as in the field, to meet Oregon state science standards. Other responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

-Using scientific methods to collect data regarding wildlife, plants, and water quality.

-Develop and implement program curriculum and community outreach.

-Recruiting, training, and managing volunteers.

-Organization of supplies, paperwork, and a schedule.



-Interest in ecology, wildlife biology, or related field.

-Major in education, environmental sciences, or related field.

-Can communicate appropriately and effectively both verbally and written.

-Regular attendance and excellent time management.

-Experience with teaching a plus.

-Experience with grant writing a plus.

-Ability to pass a criminal background check.

-Basic computer skills.

-Passion for the outdoors.

-Sense of humor.



The intern will be provided with a foundation of skills from which to build. The intern will also have the opportunity to network with key partners. A living stipend may be negotiable.


To apply please send Cover Letter and Resume to drew@gorgeecology.org.

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