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Check out this fun video from our Gorge Explorers program!

Our Gorge Explorers summer program has come to a close and we’ve taken a moment in our latest newsletter to reflect on the whirlwind of programming that occurred over the past few months. Check out the video that one of the high school students in our Gorge Explorers program created that highlights some of the [...]

Spring Equinox Party on Saturday March 22nd


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle your shoes?

It could be argued that recycling may be one of the best ways for us to create positive change in the world. The amount of waste being created by humans is increasing all the time and is increasing more rapidly than even ten to twenty years ago. This increase of human caused waste is due to a [...]

And Our New Executive Director is…

We are very excited to announce that Drew Eastman will be taking over the role of Executive Director for CGEI. Drew has been a wonderful addition to our organization and we are confident he will excel in his new role. The past one and a half years working with the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute has [...]

In it for The Long Run

On this first day of spring, we are easily moved to be thankful for this time of year, for the long winter to be over.  This is the time of year for hope, outdoor endeavors and recreation, gardening, for blessed warmth. The Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute was started in 1997 and we are celebrating our [...]


What is SECRETS?

Check out this amazing video and see what students think about the SECRETS program! Westside SECRETS Courtesy of 5th graders at Westside Elementary

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Spring Internship Opportunity

The Columbia River Gorge is a spectacular river canyon cutting 80 miles long and up to 4,000 feet deep with the north canyon walls in Washington and the south canyon walls in Oregon. The Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is a 510 (c)(3) education organization. The mission of the Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute is to create [...]

Students enjoying a day in the east hills of the Hood River Valley

Looking for some meaningful work?

Being able to provide meaningful environmental and place-based learning experiences to children is one of the great pleasures that we have here at CGEI. We’re currently seeking other individuals who may share our passion for educating youth throughout the gorge. If you’re interested in more information on how to get involved with our programs please send [...]


Pika watch is here! Sign up to volunteer now.

PIKA!  They are small, fuzzy, and warm blooded–but don’t let their size fool you–they are part of a much bigger story.  Pika have survived in the Gorge since the last ice age, yet their populations throughout the west are declining in the face of global climate change. With the support of the Oregon Zoo Foundation’s [...]

Wildlife Week

Wildlife week has come and gone so fast! We started off the week talking about the web of life, and if one organism in an environment dies such as a lady bug many other organisms follow suit and also die or disappear from that area. It’s amazing how many organisms depend on something so small [...]