Fall Is in the Air

Dear Friends With the month of September comes that feeling of nostalgia.  The seasonal changes we see are as much in our lives as they are out on the land.  Along with the newness of the school year is the return of the salmon.  Not long after the harvesting of pears and apples we see [...]

Wildlife Week

Wildlife week has come and gone so fast! We started off the week talking about the web of life, and if one organism in an environment dies such as a lady bug many other organisms follow suit and also die or disappear from that area. It’s amazing how many organisms depend on something so small [...]

Pika Watch!

Did you know that there are Pikas in the Gorge?  The furry little cousin of the rabbit that you typically see at high elevation is a neighbor of ours on talus slopes in the heart of the Gorge.  Extinction rates of American pikas in other localized areas have increased nearly five-fold in the last 10 [...]

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