Celia's wonder

Moments of Wonder

In the closet of my childhood bedroom there are rows and rows of shoeboxes, each one carefully labelled in black permanent marker: Bagamoyo 2002, Zanzibar 2004, Pt. Roberts 2006. Inside each box is a treasure trove of beach glass, small bits of driftwood, and oddly shaped pebbles that have been collected from every beach I [...]

Tree Reading

Check out this fun video from our Gorge Explorers program!

Our Gorge Explorers summer program has come to a close and we’ve taken a moment in our latest newsletter to reflect on the whirlwind of programming that occurred over the past few months. Check out the video that one of the high school students in our Gorge Explorers program created that highlights some of the [...]


Nature Notes: Eagle Watching

Wintertime in the Gorge usually means the migration of skiers and snowboarders to the mountain for fresh snow. But another migration is also taking place, the migration of Bald Eagles to the area. While not all eagles migrate, Bald Eagles from the North head towards The Gorge in the winter or areas with open water [...]


We want to know what’s going on in the Gorge!

Seen an interesting wildflower or animal lately?  Have a question about the Gorge?  Fill out the form to the left.  We’ll compile the reports, answer the questions, post them on our blog, and send out a “tweet” to let you know when a new Nature Notes post is up.    

Coho salmon

Nature Notes: Coho Salmon

Hello, Gorge lovers! Thank goodness for this unseasonable sunny weather!  It gives you plenty of gorgeous days to check out a winter migrant here in the Gorge: Coho salmon.  But hurry!  Spawning will be over in a week or two. Where to see them:  Coho can be seen in many of the streams around the [...]