Programs Offered at The Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute

Liz, also known as Huckleberry, talks about all of the ways CGEI reaches the youth of The Gorge. Click on the link to watch the video! Programs Offered at The Columbia Gorge Ecology Institute

This could be yours for $20!

A classic 1965 Chevy truck for $20!

On Friday June 6th we will pull the winning raffle ticket to see who the lucky new owner is of this 1965 Chevy C-10 3/4 ton truck. We are only have 500 raffle tickets available so hurry up and get yours now right HERE. The truck was a generous donation to us last year by [...]

Reflections for 2012

Just as most of us do upon entering a new year we at CGEI have had some down time in December to reflect on our past year. Transition has been the theme for us over the course of 2012. We’re hoping for exciting possibilities and opportunities to occur as 2013 begins to unfold. There’s much [...]

Fall Is in the Air

Dear Friends With the month of September comes that feeling of nostalgia.  The seasonal changes we see are as much in our lives as they are out on the land.  Along with the newness of the school year is the return of the salmon.  Not long after the harvesting of pears and apples we see [...]

More about the Institute in the News

Hear Dr. Aaron Morehouse, Gorge Ecology’s Executive Director speak about the organization’s mission and programs on our local CGN7. See Part 2 See Part 3