Wetlands Habitat Restoration Series

This spring we will be continuing our restoration efforts on the Snowden Wetlands! We have several dates in March and April when we would like to invite any and all to join us in our stewardship. This event series is on a volunteer basis in which participants will be helping with the removal of invasive [...]

“Ribbit – Ribbit!”

Spring is lurking just around the corner. Not only does that mean warmer temperatures, wildflowers blooming, and more hours of light in each day but at CGEI it also indicates increased time spent in the field! Spring is also a special time in our ecosystems as they burst back to life with sounds and smells [...]


Join us for a Field Excursion!

We have a new list of program offerings that we are excited to begin sharing. On Monday Feb. 4th, 2013 from 9am – 4pm we will be hosting two separate Field Excursions. The Power of Water and Fairy Habitat Restoration will provide participants with a fun-filled outdoor educational experience. In the Power of Water participants [...]


Why do leaves change color?

While the seasons are shifting, the Columbia Gorge has turned into a spectrum of colors that is sure to impress anyone with an eye for beauty. Spending much of my time outside I have been able to watch the sources of this display slowly transform into their winter state. The question that has remained on [...]

Fire in the Forest

With the recent haze of smoke from wildfires lingering throughout the gorge it may be beneficial to understand how fire affects our local ecosystems. The image that comes to mind most often while thinking about wildland fire is one of destruction.  While it is true that fire has the potential for destroying homes, wildlife, and [...]

Aaron Davis.

having a great time with the gorge explorers, every week that passes is a week i wish didnt have to end. going to do some water quality tests next week on chenowith creek. the kids will probably be iffy about it but when they get to the water theyll be so happy that they wont [...]